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Dr. Lars Holldorf is one of Germany's leading experts on the recruitment and integration of international healthcare professionals in Germany.

Message from Dr. Lars Holldorf to all international applicants. 

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Over 10 years of experience show: International professionals always become particularly successful when employers are well prepared for them.

How we can work together...

At Dr. Holldorf Consult, we basically distinguish between two categories of applicants:

Category 1: "Starter"

These are applicants who are still at the very beginning and, for example, have not yet begun the process of applying for professional recognition in Germany. Often, these applicants have also not yet received a German language certificate. If you belong to this category of applicants, our local partners and colleagues in your country of origin will take care of you. Of course, we will be involved and informed about you at an early stage.

Category 2: "Advanced"

These applicants are already at an advanced stage. They have often already applied for professional recognition in Germany. And in addition, they often already have a language certificate with level B1 or B2. If you belong to this category, please click here.

Prerequisite: Seriousness

Applicants receive extensive and professional support from us. However, to ensure that this remains possible at a high level, we can only accept seriously interested and professional applicants for our programs.


Anyone who leaves their home country to work and live in Germany has many questions. Sometimes you even feel insecurity and worry. Therefore, it is especially helpful to have a competent contact person. You can count on Dr. Holldorf Consult.

Prepare Correctly

To become successful in Germany, you should be well prepared. This applies not only to your job, but also to your private life. This is exactly what you get as a program participant of Dr. Holldorf Consult. You will benefit from various training programs free of charge.

Talent Network

If you like, we will stay in touch after you start in Germany. To do this, we'll invite you to join our exclusive talent network after your trial period ends. And for the first 3 years, we'll even give you membership for free. Here you can make contacts and have access to exclusive career knowledge.

International recruitment only works with the triad of recruitment, integration & retention. At Dr. Holldorf Consult, that's part of the DNA.

Regular contact until arrival and beyond, and good preparation!

Once you are accepted into one of our programs, we will follow you regularly and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Not only until your arrival, but also for at least the first 6 months afterwards. You will also have access to our internal training platform. There you will take part in training sessions that will prepare you even better for your assignment and life in Germany. Our training platform Klinik-Kenner has already existed since 2013.

What international candidates say about us

Cooperation with Advanced Applicants

If you belong to the category 2 of advanced applicants, you can also contact us directly. However, it is important that you 1.) have already applied for your professional recognition in Germany and 2.) are already at least at the B1 level in German. For your applicant category, you must already be able to communicate with us in German. Very important: Please note the following 3 steps before contacting us!



Check and confirm that you have already applied for your professional recognition in Germany and are already at least at language level B1 in German. You must also have trained in a medical profession, e.g. nurse, physician, MTRA, MTLA, etc.


Contact Us.

Send us an e-mail with your application documents. Please attach the following 3 documents: Curriculum Vitae, Deficit Notice, Language Certificate. Use the e-mail for this purpose


Await reply.

Once we receive your application, we usually review it within 3 business days. In response, we will let you know if we can support you at this time. If so, get to know someone from our team on short notice.

Why employers have valued us as a reliable partner for more than 10 years...

Very Important: As a reputable agency from Germany, we do not charge you any agency fee.

Very Important: As a reputable agency from Germany, we do not charge you any agency fee. 

In many countries, applicants pay a fee for a successful placement with an employer in Germany. In Germany, this is unusual and would violate ethical and moral principles and values.