International Recruiting: Financial fiasco and unrest throughout the company or strategic success with a positive external impact? 

When it comes to recruiting abroad, do you value many years of experience, trustworthiness, a stable team and financial solidity? - Then get more information now!

Dr. Lars Holldorf explains what really matters to healthcare providers when recruiting abroad. 

Known on the topic of foreign recruitment from...

Over 10 years of experience show: Foreign recruitment only works as a triad of recruitment, integration & retention.

In competent hands...

Dr. Lars Holldorf provides his many years of expertise in foreign recruitment through his agency.Incidentally, this is about more than just recruiting foreign specialists. Because customers need more these days. Dr. Lars Holldorf has therefore made it his business to support and accompany his customers, particularly in the aspects of integration and retention, right through to systematic knowledge transfer.

The basis: Recruitment

The actual recruitment is, of course, a prerequisite for everything else. Dr. Holldorf Consult covers various countries and recruits both doctors and nurses for you. 

Targeted Preparation

The candidates are still being prepared in their home country for their assignment with you and for life in Germany. The onboarding process already starts with the hiring commitment.

Not Without the Home Team

Foreign recruitment does not run without broad acceptance by the home team. This is precisely why customers benefit from ready-made solutions that are ready at the push of a button.

Knowledge Transfer to You

Our clients gain access to proven processes and methods that make overseas recruitment more successful. To this end, Dr. Lars Holldorf also shares his insider knowledge with you.

Foreign recruitment only works with the triad of recruitment, integration & retention. At Dr. Holldorf Consult, this is part of our DNA.

The icing on the cake: Regular expert access for your team!

By being a member of the ExpertenRunde Auslandsrekrutierung our customers' employees have exclusive access to the expert. The goal is to provide guidance and ongoing expertise to all project staff and the human resources team at the hospital. 

What a long-time customer sees as the advantages...

This is how a cooperation with us works.

We are not about presenting new applications from foreign professionals at short notice or showering you with applicant profiles. Because experience since 2010 shows that recruitment alone does not solve the problem. Therefore, we also support hospitals as customers in implementing a long-term and sustainable system to integrate and retain foreign specialists in the long term.


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Together with you, we plan a recruitment project tailored to your individual needs and implement it completely for you.

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As an employer make an appointment now for a free initial consultation with expert Dr. Lars Holldorf, in which he will work with you to create an individual international recruitment strategy for your company or analyze your current strategy in comparison to competitors. With the NARiG method, you will not only recruit new foreign professionals, but also retain them in the long term.