About Dr. Lars Holldorf

Dr. Lars Holldorf is a pioneer and expert in the recruitment, integration and long-term retention of international physicians and nurses and other paramedics. He has been seeking foreign personnel for hospitals since 2010. At the same time, he deals with efficient and successful recruitment processes. He also regularly shares his experience and expertise in publications and via his podcast.

Expertise for the Management.

The Podcast

In the podcast Faktor Personal in Krankenhaus & Altenpflege is about the key topic of personnel. The podcast is not only aimed at HR professionals, but above all at management. After all, the issue of personnel is increasingly becoming a decisive factor for success in the healthcare sector.

International Recruitment

The book Recruiting Abroad: How You Can Now Guarantee to Attract Personnel Despite the Shortage of Skilled Workers and What You Should Keep in Mind is the first book in Germany on this topic. It covers the stages of recruitment, integration and also retention..

Even those who deal with the topic outside the health care sector should inform themselves here at the outset in order to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes in advance.

Shortage of Skilled Nursing Staff 

The book Forced to Perform at Peak: How to Reduce Staffing Shortages as a Nursing Employer! shows what hospitals and nursing facilities can do to fill more positions. It contains several expert interviews and is also available as an audio book.

For Hospital Managers

The book Wake-up Call for Hospital Management: How to Ensure the Survivability of Your Hospital Now is aimed specifically at hospital managers. The book is a plea for giving more importance to the topic of human resources at the management level and, ideally, for locating it exactly there.

Online Academy

Klinik-Kenner.de was the first online academy in Germany to deal specifically with the topic of recruiting abroad. Since 2013, the Academy has been serving the core target group of foreign physicians and nurses, but also increasingly the entire domestic team of hospitals and nursing facilities..

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Foreign recruitment only works with the triad of recruitment, integration & retention. At Dr. Holldorf Consult, this is part of our DNA.

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Create certainty now, free of charge, not to give away money in overseas recruitment.

Create certainty now, free of charge, not to give away money in overseas recruitment.

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